Soapbox Cincinnati has a feature story on the local blogosphere. If you're blog-savvy enough to be reading my blog already :) , the story probably won't tell you anything new. You already know the reason most people start a blog: because they have opinions.

I did like this observation:

The Cincinnati blog scene, and it is a “scene,” in the sense that bloggers tend to make references to one another, repost their friends’ articles and link their favorite blogs within their own space, is vibrant and prolific.
I try not to get involved in the "scene" aspect of it – it's my social hermit nature – but it's inevitable. Speaking of scene:

Will you be attending the First Annual Cincinnati Bloggers Convention at the Mercantile Library downtown on Thursday, July 24, at 6pm? If so, I'll be there too. Introduce yourself if you like. Just look for the tall Asian.


Kelly said...

I was just reading that story, and I came here to comment because Make Cincinnati Weird gets a little shout-out!

I will be at the Mercantile. I'll be the one who is Kelly.

hellogerard said...

Yes! I meant to put that in, that the Soapbox story mentioned two of my very favorite local blogs. But I forgot. Thanks for pointing it out.

Kelly said...

Also - The Simple Dollar is local? Fab! It gets national attention in the personal finance blogosphere.


Huh, he actually lives in Iowa. Too bad.

5chw4r7z said...

The thing about the scene part of it is, we all know or know of each other virtually but not in real life.
Maybe its better that way?

Barry Floore said...

Yea! See you there! This is my first visit on your page!!! :-)

Andy Erickson said...

Gerard, I'm in Michigan this week. Say hello to everyone for me! Man, I wish I could be there.