Cincinnati Bloggers Convention 2008

Well, I thoroughly enjoyed last night's 1st Annual Cincinnati Bloggers Convention. It was by far the best Cincinnati Bloggers Convention I've attended. And it wasn't just the free food and booze.

I have a hard time meeting too many new people at once. I also have a hard time with cold introductions. Put those two together, and I actually feel good that I got to meet Kevin, Dan, Barry, Matt, Shannan (a.k.a. Marty's wife to me), Ashish, Liz, and of course Albert. (If I met you and don't remember, please accept my apologies.) And it was good seeing Kelly, Bob, and Chris again. (If I already knew you and didn't speak to you, please accept my apologies.)

I didn't get to meet everyone I had hoped to meet, but there's always next time.

Over on Cincinnati Blog, Brian asked if there's something that we all shared, something that makes people become bloggers. Interestingly, in the short speech that Albert gave near the start of the evening, he expressed his pleasure at gathering the most intelligent people in Cincinnati in the same room. I think I'll go with his answer.

More coverage from around the local blogosphere.

At the start of the evening, General hobnobbing commenced.

The end of the evening. Kelly is talking to someone or another.
That big tub on the table had been filled with beer and wine at one point.

I thought this weird, floating,
"Being John Malkovich" doorway was neat.


ShannanB said...

It was really nice meeting you Gerard, if only for a few minutes. I am def. looking forward to doing another event like this in the future!

Kevin LeMaster said...

Gerard, it was great to meet you too!