Internet Week Cincy?

I noticed this on Soapbox a while ago:

Cincinnati will host its first "Digital Non-Conference," a creative forum for those working in digital media and technology in the advertising, branding and marketing communications fields, November 14 and 15 downtown... Organizers say the atmosphere will be light, casual and fun and the working focus will be on all things digital.
For some reason, it reminded me of Internet Week New York.
Internet Week New York is a week-long festival of events saluting New York's thriving Internet industry and the many talented companies, organizations and innovators creating the future of online media!
Could something like that be pulled off here? Internet Week Cincy? What would it look like?

Anyway, that weekend is far off, and I didn't even see a name for it. I just wanted to put this up here so that later I can say I thought of it already :) .

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