Soapbox Cincinnati

I've paid attention to Soapbox Cincinnati for several weeks now, so it's safe to say that I think it's a great thing. The development and innovation news always have the scoops, and do a great job of summarizing the story in a paragraph or less. (I find myself unable to read more than a paragraph of anything these days. Hmmm.) And the first ever feature story mentioned Zipscene.

But the best part of the whole site are the blogs. Every week, a local guest blogger writes 2-3 posts about the city. The posts vary, but they all share a common trait: optimism.

Some of my favorite blog posts are this very optimistic post, this post focusing on technology as a growth engine, and this tale about a fictional business traveler visiting Cincinnati.

I try to be judicious in cluttering up my sidebar with links, but I've added Soapbox Cincinnati.


Kelly said...

I have to say, I'm pretty honored that I made the cut - especially since my blog isn't really Cincy-centric like the others.

dr. chewbacca nicolaga said...

too bad i don't live in cincy - anywho! thanks for the comment on Baby. i tell him about the man who will take over the world one day, and could write quite an exquisite report on it - but could not verbalize it to save his life.

just kidding man, i miss you dude. hope married life if treating you well.

come out to austin some time, i'll let you know when I go to the boonies of OHIO.