Memorial Day Weekend

I had a great 3-day weekend. I managed to stay away from my computer for the most part, but the time to catch up starts right now, starting with this blog post.

On Friday, we went down to Sully's. I'm not a big fan of Sully's, but I usually just follow the crowd. Sully's had some deal that was $10, all you can drink from 9pm-11pm, well drinks and domestic drafts. As is the case many times, "domestic" translates as "cheap beer of our choosing" - evidently, Christian Moerlein does not count as a domestic beer even though it is brewed in Cincinnati. So I forgoed the crappy drink deal and just paid for my OTR Ales.

On Saturday, we rode our bikes down to the river and biked up and down the Ohio and Kentucky sides. We had a blast, but getting back was not fun. What we need is one of these things up to Mt. Adams.

We hit the Taste on Saturday night. I started with a BBQ sandwich from Pit-to-Plate, and finished with a Reuben and a couple potato pancakes from Izzy's. Sandwiched in-between those was a gyro from Mythos. Along with a couple of Warsteiners. In retrospect, I probably did not need the second potato pancake.

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Kelly said...

Hey, the people at Pit-to-Plate didn't mention moving, did they? Apparently their Mt. Healthy location is closed, but since they still had their Taste booth, there's hope yet!

hellogerard said...

No. they didn't mention moving. (But I didn't ask.) I hope they don't close. One of these years, I will eat it somewhere other than the Taste of Cincinnati.

Chris S said...

Just an FYI, Morlein is locally owned, but it is not brewed here. The brewery is in Wilkes-Barre, PA. Greg would love to bring the brewery back to Cincinnati, but for now, locally owned will have to be good enough (Sam Adams currently owns the only brewery here that is big enough to handle batches for Morlein)

hellogerard said...

Ah, when I typed that I realized I did not know if it was true. But it sounded good. :)

Now that I think about it, I think I remembered the news of Sam Adams opening a big brewery here, and got it confused with Christian Moerlein.