Walnut Hills Kroger Leaving?

There is an interesting piece on the "grocery gap" here in Cincinnati over at the Daily Bellwether. And as far as possible solutions, I'd have to say that the very first comment is spot on. But I won't get into that right now. What caught my eye was the following small sentence

"...a Walnut Hills Kroger store informed City Hall it may leave due to lease problems."
WHAT?! I go to that Kroger's at least once a week. If it closes, it's down to the Kroger's on Short Vine, or the one in Hyde Park, neither of which I'm too keen on. The Short Vine Kroger is just too slow and annoying, and the Hyde Park Kroger's is just too big and ridiculous. Seriously, it's the only Kroger's that I know of that has three brands for every lunch meat at the deli. Is that necessary?

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