Election Wrapup: Democratic Turnout

So voting closed without too much controversy, IMO, though some counties ran out of Democratic ballots. That's pretty stupid, but to be expected. I mean, it's not like this has happened before, right? Oh wait - I found this gem at the bottom of a post-election article.

"Tuesday's primary was a mirror image of what McCain did in Ohio's 2000 primary.

In what came to be called the "McCain effect," the rolls of registered Republicans swelled across the state as McCain attracted independents and crossover Democrats in his failed bid to slow George W. Bush's march to the GOP nomination and the presidency. In that election, twice as many Republicans cast ballots in Hamilton County as Democrats, and some counties ran out of Republican ballots. Bush won the Ohio primary with 57 percent of the vote."

So it's happened in the past, and I'll bet it'll happen in the future, probably for the Republicans again. What's that they say about the cyclical nature of things?

But it wasn't a big deal for me, because my polling place didn't run out so I didn't have to wait in line. If I did have to wait in line, I might be more upset.

Some of those that waited in line have claimed that the county should have printed up enough ballots based on the assumption that every registered voter would vote for one party or the other. That sounds reasonable to me. The Dealer reports on some precincts finding another solution.

In any case, if we went to all-electronic voting, maybe we wouldn't have these problems.

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