Startup Weekend Cincy

I followed the original Startup Weekend in Boulder very closely, even weeks after the original weekend. I was fascinated with the concept and wanted to see how it ended. I read intently the multiple blogs throughout the weekend itself. (I also noticed that the legal, marketing, PR, and design teams all finished their work first, and ended up sitting around, twiddling their thumbs, waiting for the developers to finish the product. Does this mean that the developers had the hardest job in the room? Or maybe they just had bad developers? But I digress.) I read about their progress in the weeks following the weekend, and about the eventual launch, until their blog posts along with my interest faded away.

I came away convinced that the whole concept is not really realistic, especially when it comes to the product. Incorporating in a weekend, setting up equity in a weekend, even making a brand in a weekend is fine. You could even build a toy product. But I don't think you can really make anything beyond a toy until you have people working on it full-time. And for people to work on something full-time, you need to pay them.

That said, the weekend itself - those 48 hrs. or whatever - sounds like a bitchin' time!

So when I caught an item on Cinplify about Startup Weekend Cincy, I was interested. I saw on the home page that the Boulder II weekend has been scaled back to focus on just the project, and not about incorporating a company. And I saw that new Startup Weekend cities were up for voting. And I saw that Columbus was the running away with first place (those damn Rubyists)!

So vote for Startup Weekend Cincinnati. And vote often.

More coverage from UrbanCincy.

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Brianne said...

Columbus is turning up the heat! Can the 'Nati outvote the C-Bus?

No one disses the queen and gets away with it.