I See A Pattern Here

Sarah is a Walnut Hills alumna (how could I forget), so my eye notices things about WHHS. So, I ended up reading this story about the head football coach resigning, in the midst of a 30-game losing streak.

You have to read to the end to get to the funny part:

Walnut Hills' 30-game football losing streak marked the area's longest since Amelia also lost 30 straight, a streak that ended in October 2005. Amelia broke its streak by beating Walnut Hills 12-0 in the final game of the 2005 season.
But wait, there's more!
Entering Friday, Walnut Hills had not won a varsity football game in more than three years. The Eagles' last win was 35-0 over Amelia on Sept. 17, 2004, the fourth week of the '04 season.
Amelia is on the schedule on October 12. Go Eagles!


Anonymous said...

As a WHHS alumnus, I'm not too sure just what you find "funny" about 15-18 year olds losing 30 (now 36) games in a row. Wait till you have kids....the "funny" part of this will hopefully not seem so funny anymore.

hellogerard said...

it sounds like anonymous is a typical WHHS parent.

Anonymous said...

No, Anonymous is not a WHHS parent. I'm a WHHS alumnus. Still, what's your point? Shouldn't parents care what their kids go through? Shouldn't parents at any school be concerned about this type of situation? In fact, I'd say caring about the football program is anyhting but typical for WHHS parents. By and large, they don't care. And this makes the situation even less "funny" as you put it.

hellogerard said...

I'll reply one more time to this silliness.

First, believe me, I know what it's like to be on a losing high school team. And I'm aware of the time and energy and emotion put into it and how very real it is for the players. I'm aware of how usually much more important it is for the players than the fans or the parents.

Second, you're wrong about losing. Once it gets to a certain point, it does become funny, because that's the only way to cope with it.

Third, if you're so upset with the losing, you're right about the attitude towards football at WHHS. Which is probably why they are so bad. It will not be the players on the field that turn the program around. It will be the administration and attitude. Being successful in high school sports is serious business, like at other levels. Do they have weight training? Do they train in the off-season? Do they go to camps together in the off-season? Do they have equipment? These are all requirements to succeed, especially in large school divisions. If you want the program to succeed, it will be up the parents and administration (and alumni).

Fourth, I'm not sure you got the part that was supposed to be funny (though I'm sure you did, being an WHHS alum) - the funny part wasn't just the losing, the funny part was that WHHS and Amelia kept setting records for losing steaks, and that the only teams they seemed to be able to beat were each other. (Though they may not hav been the case this year if Amelia beat others - I'm not sure, I don't really follow high school sports.)