Captcha Cincinnati

So yesterday I signed up for Capture Cincinnati, a collaboration between CiNWeekly, C-Change, and Pediment Books. The concept is simple: the public uploads photos, the public votes on photos, the best photos are made into a book and DVD. My questions is: who made the website?

Because I think it's a great website. Love the design, love the look-and-feel, love the navigation. It's intuitive and responsive. Very web 2.0, dare I say. But from the links at the bottom I can't figure out who built it. It differs so much from the other Gannett properties - not to mention that it's just better than other Gannett websites - that it couldn't be Gannett. I don't know much about C-Change, but it didn't sound like they built it. I don't know anything about the publisher, but they didn't claim it either. I'm just curious.

By the way, vote for my photos!

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