Toyota Is Da Man

We try to recycle as much as we can at home. But I read somewhere that the vast majority (I want to say around 97%) of landfill contents come from businesses. It's a figure I believe looking back at the offices I've worked in, to say nothing of factories and manufacturing outfits.

So it's amazing what Toyota is doing. I've always had an eye out for Toyota, whose lean manufacturing principles has found its way into software development. From Soapbox:

The purging of the waste cans was a small but significant step toward Toyota’s zero-landfill goal. And Toyota has indeed achieved the goal (zero landfill is defined as diverting at least 95 percent of all waste away from landfills and into recycling or reuse). It was one thing to reach the goal at the TEMA offices in Erlanger, where most people work at desk jobs. Quite another to go zero landfill at its 12 manufacturing plants in North America, where they make cars, engines, auto parts and other things traditionally thought of as dirty manuifacturing. Toyota has achieved that at all but two of its plants, and those two are 97 percent of the way there. Pretty good accomplishment for a company that's in the business of making more than 1.5 million a cars a year in North America.

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