Traveled to Chicago a couple weeks ago for a wedding, and had a whole day free to ourselves. Managed to get some decent pictures.

We started out the day on Belmont St. at a diner called Ann Sather's, which had a line out the door when we arrived. I must say the food was delicious and generously portioned. Every entree was gigantic, and every entree came with two gigantic sides. The neighborhood was of course very walkable, and there were a lot of scooters motoring around. Notice the elevated train in the background.

Now, I had never been to Wrigley Field, but it did not disappoint. And all we did was walk around it! All I could think of, as I saw all the homes across the street from the park with rooftop seating, the dozens of bars, and the elevated train line a block away from the park, was Broadway Commons. That's all I'll say, for fear of starting a complaint session.

We drove down to the lakeshore and rented some bikes to ride from this bike station. I don't really know how far you can ride, but we rode along the beach for at least two hours, and I didn't see the end in sight. It was a nice day and very crowded. Here's a popular portion of the beach.

After returning our bikes, we took a stroll through Millennium Park. I had been to this park a few years ago, when it still under construction. Well, it looks finished now. Below are pictures of, what I like to call, the big space bean, and a giant installation of faces that appear on a video screen and periodically spit water out at kids. The last picture of some surrounding buildings reminds me a bit of Central Park.

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