Update On Walnut Hills Kroger

Over on Building Cincinnati, read the latest in a series of posts about the status of the Walnut Hills Kroger.

All I'll say is that it would be a real tragedy of this Kroger's closes. It would be a huge inconvenience for me, but at least I have a car and copious amounts of free time :) . As commenters regularly point out, there is a huge walking population in the area that walk to that Kroger's, and I'm not sure where'd they go if it was gone. Take the bus to the University Kroger's, I suppose.

This store is the only Kroger's I can think of between UC and the Hyde Park store. As one commenter put it, it has a chance to become the store for Walnut Hills and Mt. Adams, as the area changes in general. Each time I shop there, I feel that I see more and more - for lack of a better word - yuppies in the store than ever. Same goes for the UDF at Victory and McMillan.

I understand business is business is business, but, c'mon Kroger, you can afford to lose money on a store for a little while. Ride this out, and see what happens to the neighborhood.

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