Sunday was a great day for baseball... Griffey on the verge of 600, Cueto on the mound, and some kid named Jay Bruce everyone's been talking about. Griffey didn't hit #600, but he did go 2-3. As did Bruce, with a HR and an RBI double, in a 6-2 Reds win. He raised his career average to .591.

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Randy Simes said...

I really like that pano you included...great shots. Looks like it was a great day and a great turnout.

hellogerard said...

Thanks! It was a great day indeed. I must confess though, the pano is not a real pano, if you couldn't tell. It was stitched together from four different photos using a photo program.

Hope I didn't ruin it for anyone.

5chw4r7z said...

We were over at Newport on the Levee Friday night and all the sudden I heard "BOOOOOOOOOOO" And thought O Crap what'd they do now. When I read the report Saturday I realized that it must have been "BRUUUUUUUUUUCE"