Presenting This Month

I will be giving this month's OINK-PUG topic entitled: "Optimising The Front-End Using YSlow And PHP In A Continuous Integration Environment." (I prefer the Queen's English in this case.) If that title doesn't pique your interest, then my name is Betty.

The event details are on our Ning page.

It's a pretty narrow target audience, but hey stop by if you want! The more the merrier, etc.


Anonymous said...

What a tease! I thought you were linking your slides!

hellogerard said...

Well, yeah. I just meant to show the first slide. Didn't want to give everything away. But now you know what the slide deck looks like!

Chris S said...

I'd be interested except I am more of a middle tier coder and I do very little "pretty hot programming" except when trying to prototype things :)