Deters - WTF?

By now you may have seen excerpts from the rant by Hamilton County Prosecutor Joe Deters in this month's Cincinnati Magazine. I am almost afraid to link to his excerpts for fear of boosting its score on Google - so I'll try the Google bombing method instead: stupid asinine ignorant dumb dumb dumb brainless dense imbecilic dipshit inane irresponsible naive short-sighted absurd simple-minded.

I will have to buy the issue to read the whole thing, but the excepts alone just made me mad. Then I started reading the comments and they made me madder. If Deters and the like had their way, there would be a giant jail the size of a stadium sitting just outside of downtown, incarcerating half of the county population. The other half would never leave their homes.

I won't rebut line by line, as others have done that far more effectively already. I will say two things: as the top law enforcement officer in the county, I understand his bias, but he should have more interest and more responsibility in thinking forwardly about the area in which we live than in making sweeping comments that prop up his buddies and reinforce the fallacies that keep people out of the city and in their homes. Two, I love/hate Cincinnati's conservative label. I don't think conservatism is necessarily a bad thing and has many appeals, but when the same old conservative names spout off the same old rhetoric, they're just giving the I-want-to-be-in-Cincinnati-when-the-world-ends outsiders more cannon fodder.

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