Biggest Main St. News Yet

I was encouraged when I first started reading this article about OTR's "new plan" for Main St. This quote from the third paragraph is in line with what I have said previously.

"...The vision now is for Main Street to become a real neighborhood with people living, working, shopping and sleeping there."
But reading on, instead of retail and neighborhood restaurants, I saw only plans for more bars and clubs. So I'm not sure what exactly the "new plan" is.

I guess there is some mention of involvement in the arts scene, and re-opening of Harry's Pizza.

But anyway, the real news in the story - it made me sit up straight - is tucked away in the sidebar:
"The owners of Martino’s on Vine in Corryville will open a second location in the former Cooper’s on Main, at 1345 Main St. "
Martino's! Footlong hoagies! The Italian Stallion! The Underboss! This may be the best thing to ever happen in OTR. If you've never been to Martino's yet, you should go and get a preview before the Main St. location opens. The pastas and pizzas are good, but stick to the sandwiches.

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