Alas, Poor Wendy's

The Wendy's on Gilbert Ave. recently burned down.

Alas, poor Wendy's. I knew thee well. I can't even begin to think of how to replace you. There's the McDonald's on Victory, but eating McDonald's always makes me feel guilty. There's the Skyline, and I do love Skyline, almost as much as you, but a little Skyline goes a long way, and I usually pay for it later.

But I could eat you every day for some reason. Probably because you are healthier.

You had the best drive-thru service in Walnut Hills. It was open 'til midnight every night! Even though sometimes I swear your employees turned off all the lights and ignored the drive-thru at 11:45. But that was okay, I understood.

And you had the best dollar menu anywhere. I usually got two Jr. Cheese Deluxes and small fries. All off the dollar menu, all for $3! Awesome! Just like in college. And, on top of all this, I can't count the number of times Sarah and I hit the drive-thru to treat ourselves after a long day. "Two large Frosty's please. Chocolate," I would say. I tried a Blizzard at McDonald's, but it's not even close.

I'll see you again some day. You'll be back, bigger and better than before! I just know it! Maybe, not in the same place, but I'll see you again. Because true love is meant to last. And I am a lazy cook. R.I.P.

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jjkataoka said...

Dude, I tried left to get something the night this burnt down and got stuck behind the fire engines...brutal.