Cincinnati Impresses:

At a recent OINK-PUG meeting, the accessible folks from talked about their ubiquitous Javascript button and their server infrastructure.

If you aren't familiar with ShareThis, they provide the sharing button that appears at the bottom of this very blog post. Every page I go to these days seems to have the little green button. Occasionally I find myself wanting to share a page that uses not ShareThis but one of the alternatives, and I find myself cursing because I do not have immediate access to my contacts. (Thank goodness I have the ShareThis Firefox add-on to fall back on.) I bet that there are a lot of people in Cincinnati using the button on their web properties, and don't even know that the company is based right here in the Queen City.

ShareThis started in Columbus, moved to Cincinnati, and now has an office in Mountain View, California. They boast a number of accomplishments to be envied by any company in any city, the least of which being $21 million in venture funding. A $21 million dollar funded consumer internet company, in Cincinnati?

But equally impressive to those in the industry is the raw technology that powers their infrastructure. ShareThis was one of earliest case studies on Amazon Web Services, and the Rightscale demo given that night was memorable (maybe that says more about Rightscale).

They've got that hockey stick growth according to relevant traffic measures, so I'm excited to see what happens from here onward. Let's downplay that Mountain View office, and keep the PR coming from Ohio.

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Chris S said...

I didn't know they were in Cincinnati (or Mountain View), I still thought they were CBUS.

Not quite the same level of ubiquitous success here, and not to toot my own horn, but the internet company I manage here in Cincinnati just pulled off a national multi-multi-million dollar marketing campaign for Harley Davidson (the ads are peppered all over the enquirer piece of junk site)

Lots of cool software work going on right in the queen city for sure. Now, if only I could find all the developers I need to hire!@!!