Storm's A-Comin'

Tornado sirens sounded on and off as a high wind advisory lasted throughout the day and into the night.  But the afternoon was actually pretty calm, except for a few isolated torrential rainstorms that stopped as soon as they started.  Here's the end of one of those rainstorms, looking at Bellevue and Dayton.

Clouds exiting

Clouds exiting

And those two pictures stitched together...

Clouds exiting


Anonymous said...

Ooo, that bottom picture is a pretty landscape! And I can't tell that it's stitched. How did you do that?

BTW, I added you to my blogroll at

hellogerard said...


I just used the photo stitching software that came with my digital camera. It takes multiple photos and stitches them together into one. Great for panoramas. I'm sure there are lots of alternatives. Just search for "photostitch" or "photo stitching software".