I Wonder...

The Enquirer has reported on this Sayler Park couple charged with starving their newborn baby to death.  From browsing the comments, lots of people have jumped all over this couple.  Commenters have called them drug abusers, stupid, the reason for contraception, etc.  All these things could be true.

But after reading the story (and this earlier one) carefully, there's nothing to suggest any of these things.  There was no mention of drugs in the story at all.  The couple had no criminal record (though her uncle and and mother were arrested the same day for bank robbery, which does not look good).  And they had from the sound of it three healthy kids already.  And the story says there was formula in the house.

Maybe they weren't bad people.  Maybe the baby refused food (it happens).  Maybe they were ignorant of their options, didn't have insurance, and were afraid to go to the hospital.  Maybe the baby had a condition. 

Who knows.  There's no way to tell unless personally involved in the case.  The prosecutor must have had additional information, right?

If he did not, then he broke up a decent family and sent three kids to foster care (which is no picnic) for a long time.


Anonymous said...

I'm pretty sure they were drub users. Drubs cause people to do stupid things. I wish people would just say no to drubs.

hellogerard said...

Ha! gotcha.