It's Not Really "Insurance"

Someone once pointed out to me that health insurance is not really "insurance." Unlike auto insurance or home insurance that actually insures against something which may or may not occur, there is really nothing potential about health care - everyone will get sick and old and need health care at some point. The only question is when. It should not be called "insurance." It is simply health care.

With that in mind, someone else mentioned to me the other day that health care companies do not provide health care, they only answer phones. Sarah and I have been fighting our insurance to pay for a prescription, even though the doctor has ordered the prescription several times already. Lots of phone calls.

So I was amused at the following series of headlines I saw the other day.

Fidelity, Mattel, Macy's, GM, Ford - everyone - is getting battered by the economy. Well, not everyone.

...everyone, but Humana, apparently, who's opening a new 300-person office, with at least part of that manning a new call center.

(See Trends In The City also.)

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