No Dial-Up For You

From CityBeat:

The Cincinnati Enquirer's Web site has experienced a double-digit drop in traffic since its parent company recently forced a format change that many users have complained is slow and cumbersome.
Slow and cumbersome? Really? I think people are being unreasonable in demanding a website that is not a mile long, does not scroll on forever, and contains less than a whopping 1.1MB of files [YSlow on]. Seriously, people. That's what broadband is for.

In any case, I do not envy print media like Gannett these days. They have their work cut out for them. I believe that "newspapers" will thrive and succeed in the Internet age, but the profits will definitely never be as big, and the newsrooms never be as crowded as they once were. The heyday of newspapers as we are familiar with them are long gone.

But at least they are trying to change, rather than just suing and charging everyone to keep things the same like some industries.

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5chw4r7z said...

I wouldn't care if it was slow and cumbersome if there was something worth reading. Some of it you could chalk up to people not liking change but its a website for a newspaper, what was wrong with the black and white no frills page they had before?
New is only good if it is indeed better.
It always was and always will be about the product and the product sucks.